Outreach chair, simply put, works to extend invitations to as many Yalies interested in working with ISO as possible. If you are a member of student organizations looking to collaborate with Iso, I'm here!The people ISO reach out to are not just current students. Outreach chair is also in charge of keeping in contact with international alumni, and maintaining Alumni Database. If you're even slightly interested in what ISO does, hit me up!

The Political Council provides a forum for discussion and debate of important political issues. In past years, guests at panels and talks have included Heads of States, Royalty, Ambassadors, Diplomats, Economists and eminent journalists. The Council is a great way to share your ideas and opinions on political happenings all around the globe. Hope to see you there!

Councils are the building blocks of the ISO. The Social, Cultural, Political and Inclusion councils each serve their own distinct functions, while collaborating with one another to enrich all aspects of international student life at Yale. Each council is headed by a chair, but its bulk is composed of enthusiastic students who wish to become closely involved with the international community or turn their ideas for projects into reality. To learn more about the activities of the four councils and how to join them, please visit the webpages of the individual councils. 


On top of the four councils, ISO includes a stand-alone chair, Outreach, which play a very important role at ISO.


The ISO’s Social Council is arguably its most vibrant one. Internationals at Yale have the reputation of being great people to party with and the Social Council works every year to keep this up. We arrange various parties and mixers, sometimes in collaboration with other organiza-tions. A lot of work goes into making these events successful and we are always looking for new faces and fresh ideas in the council. Come party with us!


The Inclusion Council stems from a concern about the inclusion of the international student community at Yale. The mission is to investigate and address these issues as well as many others that the council members may bring to the table, and explore ways to improve each situation. The Inclusion Council will create a report of their work, submit this report to the administration upon review, and develop an action plan for the upcoming academic year based on its findings.


The cultural council coordinates cultural activities for the Yale community. Last year, events organized by the council included an international food night, a cultural show, guest speakers on intercultural relationships, a trivia night and an ongoing lunch tag competition, and this year, the events are up to you! Come along to cultural council meetings to share your ideas, and visit our events. Hope to see you soon!